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MDF Babinski Hammer, Universal Size - Color: NoirNoir (Black)

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The MDF Babinski Hammer, the instrument of choice of neurologists, is named after the French neurologist Dr. Joseph Fran├žois Babinski who is best known for his identification of the toe phenomenon. This diagnostic instrument is also often referred to as a Rabiner hammer. MDF has modified the original Babinski hammer to incorporate modern design and functionality for eliciting myotatic and plantar responses with less effort and greater patient comfort.

Head: The Babinski Hammer head is surmounted with a chrome-plated brass disc grooved to house the TPR bumper and can be used in positions both perpendicular and parallel to the shaft. This flexibility provides greater effectiveness in eliciting myotatic reflexes involving ankle, knee, abdomen, forearm, biceps, and triceps.

Handle: The weighted chrome-plated brass handle is precisely balanced for increased control of force for percussion. The sand-brushed hexagonal handle is also designed with a pointed tip that can be used as an additional stimulus for cutaneous reflexes.

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