Blood Pressure Cuffs and Supplies

An inflatable cuff is wrapped around your upper arm placed around the upper arm at roughly the same vertical height as the heart. The cuff is inflated manually by repeatedly squeezing a rubber bulb until the large artery is completely occluded which momentarily stopping the blood flow.

Listening with the stethoscope one slowly releases the air in the blood pressure cuff.  Next, air in the cuff is released. When blood just starts to pulse in the artery, it makes a "whooshing" or pounding sound. The pressure at which this sound is first heard is called the systolic blood pressure. The pressure at which the last sound is heard is called the diastolic blood pressure. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Normal blood pressure in adults is considered to be 120/80mm Hg, but the reading may vary depending on variety of factors.



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Featured Blood Pressure Cuffs and Supplies:

Replacement Adult Blood Pressure Cuff and Bladder
Invacare Supply Group: ISG0060.jpg
For use with manual units only. Blue nylon, two-tube, latex bladder.
Standard Adult. 10"; 5.7"


Digital Blood Pressure Cuffs and Accessories
Omron: MARH003D.jpg
Accessories work with the models in parentheses. Infant and child cuffs not available.
Large cuff
For use with all monitors except IntelliSense(tm)
Infant and child cuff not available for digital units.



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