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Breast Pumps 


Breast pump is device that is used to extract milk from the breasts of a woman breastfeeding a child. There are many styles and models of breast pumps, but they fall into two main categories: manual or mechanical(which you operate by hand) and electric (or battery-powered).

Manual Breast Pump

The most popular manual breast pump is probably the cylinder type. It looks like two tubes, one of which fits inside the other. It creates a suction vacuum when the inner tube is pulled in and out. The milk goes directly into the outer tube or into a standard bottle. It is easy to use and is convenient to carry with you. It is also easy to clean. Many hand pumps are made so they can be easily operated with one hand. The design of these pumps allows the mother to pump while nursing.  

An Example of a Manual Breast Pump:

Womens-Infant Products> Breast Pumps-Accessories> One-Hand Manual Breast Pump


Electric Breast Pump

Pros: Efficiency and easy of use.  Moms who pump often — to provide breast milk exclusively after returning to work or to feed twins, for example — usually opt for the increase in production offered by an electric or battery-powered pump. Most pumps offer the option of pumping both breasts at the same time.

Cons: Electric models can be more cumbersome and noisy than most manual pumps, though some models are surprisingly compact and quiet. As for the noisy ones, well, it's hard to be discreet with an electric motor roaring at your breasts!

Purely Yours™ Professional Breast Pump with Carry All

Pump: Adjustable suction and cycle settings simulate baby's nursing pattern; maximize milk production and personal comfort level. Pump anytime, anywhere with AC adapter or AA batteries. Stylish black tote bag carries pump and accessories; keeps mothers milk cooled and stored for 10 hours. Hygiene Kit allows single or dual pumping; prevents contaminants from entering milk with unique closed milk collection system. Pump may be removed from tote, or operated inside the tote bag for added privacy. Pump directly into bottles or freezer bags with two built-in holders accommodate either container. Contents: Purely Yours breast pump, dual Hygiene Kit, microfiber Carry All tote, AC power adapter, milk storage guide magnet, and Cool'N Carry insulated tote bag with 3 cooling elements and six 4 oz bottles with tops. 1-year warranty


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Breast Pumps and breast pump supplies