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AirLife Misty Max 10 Medication Nebulizers - Carefusion Solutions
AirLife® Misty Max 10™ Medication Nebulizers
Disposable nebulizers constructed of high impact plastic to resist breakage deliver fast and effective treatment more efficiently to a wide range of patients. They feature a one-piece jet design that delivers high output rates, resulting in faster treatment times and consistent medication delivery. A full 10 cc capacity provides medication dosing flexibility. The anti-spill design helps prevent medication waste and allows the unit to be used at an angle to accommodate various patient positions. Nebulizer With Bacteria Filter - BAX002450 - provides protection and convenience through its utilization of a reservoir and one-way valves for administration of medicated aerosol. The aerosol is contained within the nebulizer system instead of freely flowing into the surrounding air. Latex-free.
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Sterile Tracheostomy Brushes
Sold by: Case

Packaging: 25 Packs/Case

Individually packaged and sterile.
Keep tubes free of dry mucus and debris with these tracheostomy brushes
2/per pack, 25 packs per case
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