Wound Drainage Collect

Fistula and Wound Management System, Mini - Coloplast
Fistula and Wound Management System
Fistula and Wound Management System is designed with a flexible adhesive. Conforms to unique abdominal contours and molds to the skin with ease. Includes: 1 drain port, 1 flexible lid, 1 sheet, 1 clamp.
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Wound Drainage Collector - Hollister
Wound Drainage Collector
For management of very heavily-draining wounds, fistulae, or draining tube sites. Features FlexWear™ Skin Barrier, drainable pouch, and odor-barrier film. Keeps patient dry by conforming to the wound site while protecting from exposure to bacteria. Translucent material allows for easy monitoring of exudate. Choose between Sterile or Non-Sterile packaging; FlexWear™ skin barrier or tape only border. Features:
  • Bacterial and Viral Barrier
  • Odor Barrier
  • Translucent
  • Self Adhesive
  • Drain Valve
  • Cut-to-Fit
  • Stays In-situ up to 7 Days
  • Sterile or Non-Sterile Packaging
  • FlexWear™ Barrier or Tape Only
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