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Male Urinal Kit - Urocare Products
Male Urinal Kit
Effective and economical daytime alternative to underpads and diapers for men who experience surge or overflow incontinence and dribbling. Eliminates the need for multiple changes, adhesives and adhesive removers. Can serve as a drip urinal or can be directly connected to any reusable or disposable leg bag or drainage system. Features detachable sheath for easy cleaning. Adjustable closure to fit several waist sizes. Each kit contains one suspensory garment, urinal sheath, standard bottom drain valve, straight –through adapter with thumb clamp and male urinal-to-latex bag adapter.
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Manhood Absorbent Pouch - Coloplast
Manhood® Absorbent Pouch
Designed for light to moderate incontinence. Using a super absorbent polymer, the pouch can hold 250 cc of liquid, keeping the skin dry.
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