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CATH-SECURE Tubing Securement Devices - Mc Johnson
CATH-SECURE® tubing Securement Devices
Multi-purpose medical tube holders can be opened and closed repeatedly without retaping. Feature hook-and-loop fasteners on wide, rectangular bases that adhere to the skin and can stay in place for up to one week without compromising skin health. Use for catheters and tubing, such as subclavian line ports, EKG lead wires, dialysis tubing, and urinary catheters. CATH-SECURE PLUS® features a butterfly-shaped base that is water-resistant, DEHP- and Latex-free. Features:
  • Holds most catheters and tubing, including multiple tubes
  • Permits repeated access to tubing without restricting flow
  • Available in different sizes and configurations to meet individual needs
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Alochol-soluble adhesive - quick and easy to remove
  • OSHA and CDC compliant
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CATH-SECURE Multi-Purpose Tube Holder - Mc Johnson
Cath-Secure™ Multi Purpose Tube Holder
Cath-Secure™ Multi-purpose Tube Holder 2 -3/4" L Tab & 3" x 1 -1/4" W Base, Large Lumen, Adhesive, Latex-free

Cath-Secure™ is the original, multipurpose tube holder. It provides an efficient, standardized system for securing catheters and medical tubing. The device is easy to adjust and may remain in place for approximately one week without altering skin integrity. Cath-Secure™ is made with an alcohol-soluble adhesive.

  • Holds different sizes of tubing as well as multiple tubes, improving patient's quality of life.
  • Quick and easy to remove.
  • Latex-free.
  • DEHO-free.
  • Hypoallergenic.
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FLEXI-TRAK Large Anchoring Device - Convatec
FLEXI-TRAK® Large Anchoring Device
A skin-friendly, modern acrylic adhesive strip for anchoring tubes and catheters to skin, such as urinary catheters, gastrostomy tubes, and chest tubes. Adhesive. Latex-free.
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Foley Catheter Holder - Dale Medical Products
Foley Catheter Holder
Surgical stretch material is gentle on skin, eliminating the risk of irritation and potential infections as a result of skin tears from tape. Reduces the incidence of catheter pull-through by keeping tubing secured. Velcro® closure. One size fits all.
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Non Slip Catheter Leg Strap - REPLACES MEDICHOICE 1314CLS1400S
Non-Slip Catheter Leg Straps
Non Slip Catheter Leg Strap REPLACES MEDICHOICE 1314CLS1400S

  • Designed to secure catheter tubing against the leg
  • Soft stretch-elastic leg strap eliminates taping and associated skin trauma
  • Patented design lines leg strap with beads of non-slip material to prevent migration
  • Loop-and-lock cinch tab firmly secures catheter tube to leg strap
  • Contact closure secures anywhere on leg strap for a universal fit
  • 2" x 24"
  • Up to 26" Stretch
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Urofoam Adhesive Foam Strips - Urocare Products
Urofoam® Adhesive Foam Strips
Urocare® Urofoam Adhesive Foam Strips 1/8" x 1"W x 5-3/4"L

These strips are used for securing male external urinary catheters to the body. They are easy to apply and remove and are hypo-allergenic. They are available with either a single or double sided adhesive coating. These strips are features closed cell structure.

  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Hypo-Allergenic.
  • Closed-Cell Structure.
  • Urine Resistant.
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