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When choosing a Manual Wheelchair here are some of the factors you have to consider

  • The person who will be using the chair are they self propelling or is a caregiver going to push them, strength level, person’s weight, where they will be using the chair. Bariatric wheelchair is recommended for a large person, whilst a person with weak strength would benefit with an ultra lightweight wheelchair.
  • Transport - Is the chair easy to transport and store – in the car, van or an airplane.  Transporting a wheelchair depends on the weight, dimensions and how easy it folds up. Transport wheelchairs and Ultra light wheelchairs are easy to transport and fold up.
  • Comfort –Would the person prefer full arms or desk arms, fixed arms or flip-back arms, swing away foot rests or elevating foot rests, and if person is spending more than 2 hours in the wheelchair then a comfortable wheelchair cushion is recommended.
  • Cost - Standard wheelchairs have a steel frame that are basic, low maintenance and the most economical. Lightweight wheelchairs are easy to transport and easy to fold and will cost more than standard wheelchairs.   Heavy Duty Wheelchairs are Extra wide and Bariatric size range form 22 inch to 26 inches in width. These will vary in price depending on if they are constructed of steel or aluminium frame. Transport Chairs are lightweight, easy to transport, fold and store. Transport chairs are not designed for self propelling and a caregiver is needed to maneuver the wheelchair. However Transport chairs are convenient for doctors visits, trips to the mall, restaurants and vacations                            



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