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BD PosiFlush SF Normal Saline Syringe - Becton Dickinson
BD PosiFlush™ SF Normal Saline Syringe
BD PosiFlush™ SF Saline Flush Syringe is designed specifically for flush procedures performed on a sterile field, thereby decreasing risk of infection and medication errors. BD PosiFlush SF is terminally sterilized in its peel pouch, which means it can be aseptically presented to any sterile field - just peel and present. The standard 10 ml syringe diameter optimizes pressure distribution and fully complies with PICC manufacturer flushing recommendations. Unique plunger rod design significantly reduces reflux. Clear labeling and bar coding significantly improve solution visibility and reduce the potential for medication errors. Latex-free; Preservative-free.
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Catheter Iv 16G X 1-1/4 Teflon Std
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Packaging: 200 Each/Case

Standard IV Catheters: Sharp bevel, thin-walled inner needle assures an easy puncture. Color-coded translucent catheter hub allows simple identification of catheter size and detection of blood flashback. 16 gauge x 1 1/4" long.
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Monoject PreFilled IV Flush Syringes - Covidien
Monoject™ PreFilled IV Flush Syringes
Prefilled syringes virtually eliminate syringe-induced reflux and the serious complications that can result. Features:
  • Proprietary design prevents plunger tip from bouncing back
  • Both saline and heparin syringes are manufactured with the same unique features that aid in proper flushing technique
  • Terminally Sterile
  • Pharmaceutical grade manufacturing
  • Drug stopper quality plunger tip
  • Virtual elimination of syringe reflux
  • Low breakforce
  • Preservative-free, DEHP-free
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