Coolers And Ice Packs

BrrBox Coolers - Tc Industries
BrrBox Coolers
Insulated corrugated box available in variety of sizes and quantities.
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Glasure Gel Packs - Tc Industries
Glasure Gel Packs
GlaSURE gel pack refrigerant is a non-toxic, reusable ice substitute. GlaSURE gel packs keep your product drier, and refrigerated longer than ice.
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ICE-BRIX Refrigerant Packs - Polar Tech Industries
ICE-BRIX® Refrigerant Packs
ICE-BRIX® is a specially formulated leak-proof, viscous gel refrigerant which is made of non-toxic, non-caustic materials and hermetically sealed in a heavy-duty plastic pouch. Keeps perishable products as a constant and desirable temperature.
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Refrigeration Label - Tc Industries
Refrigeration Label
Reads: "Refrigerate on Arrival" Measures: 4" x 4" Color: Red
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