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Safe N Simple Ostomy Appliance Deodorant
Ostomy Appliance Deodorant
Safe N' Simple Ostomy Appliance Deodorant 8 oz

Eliminates odor in an ostomy appliance and helps in emptying the pouch content.

  • Unscented.
  • Fantastic Odor Control.
  • No perfumes or no scents added.
  • Convenient tilt tip dispenser bottle.
  • Helps empty pouch content.
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ZorbX Unscented Odor Remover
Zorbx Unscented Odor Remover
ZorbX Odor Remover 2 oz, Unscented, Travel Size, Spray Bottle, Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic

Whenever you're concerned about harsh odors, these small & conveniently sized odor removers are easy to take along with you wherever you travel. This could be in your car, on an airplane, hotel room and many other areas.

  • Unscented odor remover is non toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and odor free remover.
  • It completely removes odors associated with the incontinent situations, nurses stations, kitchens, patient care rooms, offices, rest rooms, waiting rooms, floors, storage areas, beds, garments, janitorial, carpet, trash bins or mix with laundry detergent or carpet cleaner.
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Medi-aire Biological Odor Eliminator - Bard Medical Division
Medi-aire® Biological Odor Eliminator
Concentrated formula eliminates unpleasant odors, such as those associated with urine, feces, emesis, and necrotic tissue. Rejuvinates the air with a long-lasting, fresh scent. Available in Fresh Air Scent, Lemon Scent, and Unscented.
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Medichoice Biological Odor Eliminators Unscented or Scented 2 oz or 8 oz bottle with spray top
MediChoice® Biological Odor Eliminator
Medichoice Biological Odor Eliminators Spray is the only odor eliminator that completely removes odors instead of just masking them! Used in hospitals nationwide for general patient, necrotic tissue and incontinence odors for years, this exceptional odor eliminator is now available to the general public.

Unscented is simply for those sensitive to fragrance. No nasty floral cover up with an underlying stink, just pure clean air with a only a few spritzes. See for yourself why everyone loves these odor eliminators and you will never try another again. Convenient 2 oz size is perfect for your purse, briefcase, glove compartment or simply to bring along while traveling. Features a spray pump top.

  • New clear formula -- can be used on fabrics, skin and hair

  • Odor elimination for general patient, necrotic tissue and incontinence odors

  • Eliminates odors - doesn't just mask them

  • Two formulas: Fresh Air Scented and Unscented

  • Available in 2 oz. and 8 oz. pump spray bottles

    Medical Supply Group is not an authorized distributor but reseller of Owens & Minor, Inc. products
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DEVROM Tablets (Internal Deoderant) - The Parthenon
DEVROM® Tablets (Internal Deoderant)
DEVROM® effectively treats embarassing malodor from flatulence (gas) and stool. FDA approved and available without a prescription. A trusted product for over 40 years. Devrom is an internal deodorant that safely and effectively deodorizes embarrassing flatulence and stool odor. For oral use. Chewable tablets. Bismuth subgallate formula provides immediate odor control from ostomies and fecal incontinence.
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m9 Odor Eliminator Spray - Hollister
m9™ Odor Eliminator Spray
Convenient spray bottle contains powerful m9™ odor eliminator. Safely and effectively destroys room odors; does not just mask them. Available unscented or with a pleasant apple scent. Features:
  • Spray Bottle
  • For Rooms
  • No Perfume
  • No Masking
  • No Silver Nitrate
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Brava Lubricating Deodorant
Brava Lubricating Deodorant
The Brava Lubricating Deodorant is an odor reducing deodorant with a preferred light lotion fragrance. This ensures a neutral smell from the bag during pouch change. The multi-lubricating effect helps ensure contents stay at the bottom of your pouch and not around your stoma -- it keeps working even after you've drained your pouch! It also makes it easier to empty your pouch. Drop in the ostomy appliance to eliminate odors from urine and feces and to help rinse reusable appliances easily. 8 oz bottle.

  • Helps you to be discreet and gives peace of mind by fighting odor.
  • Prevents pouch from getting stuck together, and helps avoid pancaking.
  • Makes pouch surface smoother for easier emptying.
  • Refreshing light scent
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Gel Plus - Montreal Ostomy
Gel Plus
Coats inner pouch to prevent sticking and deodorizes too! Blue color assists spread of Gel Plus to ensure even surface coverage.
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Adapt Lubricating Deodorant - Hollister
Adapt™ Lubricating Deodorant
Adapt™ Lubricating Deodorant was formulated exclusively for use in ostomy pouches as both a pouch lubricant and an odor neutralizer. Won't degrade pouch seals, has been tested extensively for safety and efficacy, and is clear to avoid staining. Lubrication eases emptying by not allowing fecal matter to stick to the inside of the pouch, and it helps prevent pouch static and sticking. Features:
  • Makes emptying the pouch fast and easy
  • Keeps pouch interior clean
  • Deoderant neutralizes odors
  • Prevents pouch static and sticking
  • Two convenient sizes for at home and away
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Alpine Fresh Appliance Cleaner - Coloplast
Alpine™ Fresh Appliance Cleaner
Cleans and deodorizes all types of reusable urinary and ostomy products. Unique formula is both nontoxic and noncorrosive, and is also biodegradable, so it's safe for septic systems and better for the environment. No-spill top makes it easy to add to appliances and eliminates waste. Features:
  • Cleans and Deodorizes Reusable Urinary and Ostomy Products
  • Nontoxic
  • Noncorrosive
  • Biodegradable
  • No-Spill Top
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DevKo Ostomy Pouch Deodorant Tablets - The Parthenon
DevKo™ Ostomy Pouch Deodorant Tablets
Devko Pouch Deodorant Tablets

Pouch deodorant. Tablets effectively deodorize contents of appliance without the mess of using a liquid.

  • More convenient and cleaner than liquid additives.
  • Easy to Use Non Liquid!
  • Bottle of 100
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Devrom® helps people regain their dignity from embarrassing and sometimes debilitating odor.
DEVROM® Capsules (Internal Deodorant)
Devrom is an internal deodorant is an OTC (over-the-counter) medicine taken orally (chewed or swallowed) to neutralize odor from flatulence and stool. It is FDA approved and recommended by doctors, nurses and other health professionals. Active ingredient in Devrom is 200 mg bismuth subgallate. Devrom® helps people regain their dignity from embarrassing and sometimes debilitating odor. It can be used by anyone who has a difficult time managing flatulence or fecal malodor. Commonly used by people who have fecal incontinence and ileostomy, colostomy and bariatric surgery (duodenal switch, gastric bypass, biliopancreatic diversion) to deodorize embarrassing flatulence odor. Lactose Free
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m9 CleanerDecrystalizer - Hollister
m9™ Cleaner / Decrystalizer
Cleans urinary drainage systems. pH balanced and non-acidic. Contains no perfume or silver nitrate. Free wash bottle included.
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Nilodor Deodorant - .5 oz - Nil'odor
Nilodor Deodorant - .5 oz
Super concentrated, one-drop counteractant eliminates odors; leaves a pleasant low-level fragrance.
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Ostofresh Liquid Deodorant - Triad Medical
Ostofresh Liquid Deodorant
An odorless, clear liquid deodorant formulated to instantly eliminate odors, not just mask them.
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Ostomy Lubricating Deodorant Drops, 8 oz. Bottle, Non-Sterile by Reliamed
Ostomy Lubricating Deodorant Drops, 8 oz. Bottle, Non-Sterile by Reliamed
Similar to ReliaMed Odor Eliminator Drops, but with the addition of a lubricant to facilitate cleansing of drainable pouches Blue color provides a visual indication of surface coverage 8-oz. bottle
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Osto-Zyme Odor Eliminator - Shelton Medical Products
Osto-Zyme™ Odor Eliminator
For the ostomy pouch. Eradicates odor produced by liquid stools and enzymes as it lubricates the inside of the pouch. Water-based formula will not stain. Specially designed sachets help prevent accidental spillage. Features:
  • Kills odour in the pouch
  • Prevents 'pancaking'
  • Reduces static
  • Aids pouch emptying
  • Reduces noise
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Stop-Odor Plus - Montreal Ostomy
Stop-Odor Plus
Powerful ostomy pouch deodorizer. Squeeze just a few drops into new or just emptied ostomy pouches for complete odor elimination. Long-lasting maximum odor control works for hours. Convenient dropper bottle makes it easy to use. Features:
  • Eliminates Pouch Odor
  • Maximum Deodorizer
  • Lasts for Hours
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Uri-Kleen Deodorizing Detergent - Smith & Nephew
Uri-Kleen® Deodorizing Detergent
Effectively cleans/deodorizes plastic and rubber urinary appliances in just 10 minutes.
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Securi-T® USA Ostomy Deodorant, Flip Top Cap Bottle 8 oz
Securi-T® USA Ostomy Deodorant, Flip Top Cap Bottle 8 oz
Securi-T® USA Ostomy Deodorant, Flip Top Cap Bottle 8 oz

Odor eliminator drops for ostomy pouch. A recent case study found that 75% of the participants stated that
Securi-T® ostomy deodorant is as good as, if not better than the leading brand. It is also 30% less in cost!
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The Original Ile-Sorb - Cymed Ostomy
The Original Ile-Sorb®
Soluble absorbent granule packets for ileostomy effluent. The Original Ile-Sorb® granules absorb the ileostomy fluid and evenly distribute the weight. Increases security. Keeps effluent away from barrier - can increase wear time. Makes emptying more manageable. Plastic film packet enclosing the granules dissolves inside pouch.
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